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Retro PC project overview

For my retro PC project, I have gathered the most essential parts. Assembling each build is however postponed some time at the moment, but as soon as I start assembling them, I will post updates here with great pictures of everything. The general rule for each of my builds is, that I determine an estimated “target” year and quarter, which I will roughly try to match most of the components and software to. I currently plan to build these configurations:...

Welcome to expir 0

Welcome to expir

What is expir? Well, expir is my corner of the internet, where I silently will be documenting and presenting my tiny hobby of collecting all sorts of old “expired” retro stuff, primarily electronics and photographic equipment, but I’m sure other stuff may sneak in here as well. My biggest project (and primary function of this site for now), is gathering old PC hardware and configuring time-specific PC’s to showcase hard- and software from the time, and I will try my...